Monday, June 10, 2013

Rose Festival Starlight Run

We had the opportunity to head down to Portland to participate in the Oregon Rose Festival and the Starlight Run.  I'm not sure we quite understood what we were up for.  The reason we went was for work.  My company was a sponsor of the run so we got to put up this really nice booth and hand out stuff.  It was the first time we had used it - looks pretty good huh!?!

There were a lot of fun costumes and crazies - great people watching in Portland :)  Jack and I were ready to run the 5k.  The route wound through downtown Portland and we ran right along the parade route.  The parade started about 30 minutes after the run so the streets were lined with people.  It was fun because Jack would start getting tired and then see more people with their hands out for High 5's!  He did such a good job.  As we ran he would say, "I want to walk a bit" and I would tell him we had to go 5 more street lights then we could walk.  Silly me - I am so bad at counting the 5 :)  The other day he said, "Mom - next run you owe me at least 2 stop lights".  So cute.

Here are some post run pictures - we look a little more tired than the pre run!

I am so proud of Jack - he did a fantastic job and we finished in just over half an hour!

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